Success Stories


PANNA Stores Latino Restaurants contacted us after studying and analyzing the performance of our work carrying out digital marketing strategies.

After the first approach with the marketing team, we identified that PANNA was aiming to centralize, engage and grow their community 5% month after month. In the past, PANNA had been publishing posts without a digital omnichannel strategy that actually reached the ideal prospect. The marketing and advertising team led by Jaime Ramirez, wanted to start investing in campaigns that would increase recognition, traffic and community in South Florida.


To begin with, we researched people related to the products offered by PANNA. We identified buyers within remarketing custom audiences, website-generated actions, keyword searches and segmented databases for each of its restaurants.

Based on the analysis of the information gathered, we recommend reallocating part of the budget to fund a digital marketing strategy. We recommended increasing the digital investment by 400% / month to ensure better results. This included campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and content automation through CRM (Infusionsoft).

Services required

Search engine advertising

Social media advertising

CRM integration

Social media management

Landing page design

Email Marketing


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ad impressions

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