Success Stories

Dealer Orlando

American Dealer Orlando contacted us thanks to the recommendation of one of our clients.

After the first approach with the Manager and the Sales Team, we identified that they were having a difficult time closing business, they were investing in advertising, but the LEADS generated were of low quality. On average they were selling 25 vehicles per month prior to our arrival in 2020, a low figure for the opportunities presented by the market.

Once the situation of the Car Dealership was reviewed, the CV Digital team together with the Manager and the Marketing Director of American Dealer, implemented a series of strategies to increase sales by 100% being progressive over time, so we started a strategic investment in digital and physical media, accompanied by a team of influencers that helped to increase brand recognition and qualified LEADS; in addition to developing a strategic support to the Commercial team to diagnose the needs of customers and better focus the value proposition.


We created an omnichannel Digital Marketing strategy to capture potential buyers available in the city of Orlando. Beyond identifying target audiences on social media, creating custom audiences, analyzing potential Google search terms and optimizing databases to maximize conversion, we focused on creating a value proposition that would be tailored to ideal prospects.

Based on the information provided by American Dealer Orlando, we recommended increasing the budget to fully fund the strategy, creating a content plan according to what the customers needed and following up closely through corporate CRM. With this, we reached the target audience, increased LEADS and met sales goals.

Services required

Search engine advertising

Social Media Advertising

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Influencer Marketing

CRM Integration


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ad impressions.

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potential customers.

$ 0 USD

invested in advertising.

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For every dollar invested, $155 was recovered.